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Offline Mike  
#1 Posted : 27 July 2016 14:44:49(UTC)

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Goodness gracious dealing with Government departments is pretty frustrating these days nothing has improved.

I have been trying to call Companies House (England & Wales) all day today on 0303 1234 500 i.e. the number on their website and it is permanently engaged.

It is like trying to ring a busy one man band! How ridiculous is that.

Simple question. Doing my firm Confirmation Statement for the client.

It asks as the last question "date"

When did this person become a PSC?

No help links and the year drop down only goes back as far as 2016 so it cannot be the date they became a shareholder which would be the obvious answer, no nothing as simple as that.

All days 1, 2, 3 etc can be selected and all months.

Did a Google search and cannot find any straightforward guidance from Companies House in the Confirmation Statement pages, useless and there is no ? help link in the form itself (again how useless is that...

Can only find company formation website that put in brackets...

Date he or she became a PSC in relation to the company (for existing companies the 6 April 2016 should be used)

Is that correct and does anyone have a link to an official Government page that confirms this.

Government bring in heaps of new rules (with the usual heavy fines for non compliance) but just seem to make things as difficult as possible to keep up with! (maybe that is because actually they like the extra penalty and fine income!


Offline Mike  
#2 Posted : 27 July 2016 15:01:49(UTC)

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Oh Boy

Finally after an hour trying got through to Companies House and they confirmed on the phone that for existing companies the date became as PSC is the 6 April 2016.

So why the hell does the form when you are completing it for the first time, like thousands of people will be, say that!

When I suggested to Companies House the form should be clearer they acknowledged that they are getting a high volume of calls and a fair proportion of them are asking exactly this question.

To illustrate just how poor Government departments are, when I suggested a simple ? help button link stating this would save lots of money (wages at Companines House) and time both for CH and the Caller the suggestion was I put in a complaint.

In other words the person at Companies House answering these calls could not give two hoots themselves or be bothered to pass that suggestion on.

I was very polite but I have to say it is very testing to remain calm and polite when you talk to people from HMRC, Companies House and other departments these days.

I always to remain polite as the personal answering the call is a small cog in the wheels and they don't design the websites or systems, their usless bosses do!


Hope that helps anyone else trying to find the answer to this...
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