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Offline TaxGuru  
#1 Posted : 15 May 2014 10:48:50(UTC)

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Here's a question, "What is the best tax and accounts software for accountants and tax advisers?"

I run a small tax and accounting practice and use Digita for tax returns, corporation tax returns and iXBRL accounts to HMRC.

I considered using IRIS which I use at some of the accountants I consult to and have used a lot over the years.

IRIS seems to be very popular but also quite expensive too from what I can see especially for smaller practices.

For the price charged Digita seems a lot better although perhaps a little less module cross integration in my experience and AutoMail in IRIS is very handy for time saving on letters to clients but quite complicated to program MS Word to pre-populate client letters with relevant client info.

I am certainly very happy with Digita but would like to see the program developed a bit more each year to say deal with CGT calcs better for example it does not seem to have changed much over the last few years I have been using it.

If you don't "develop" to don't grow your client base.

Does anyone have any thoughts on tax software for accountants and tax advisers they would share with me that might be useful for all readers?

I would say Digita is very good, but they could certainly improve their software a lot by adding just a few new features you see in IRIS and other programs.

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#2 Posted : 23 April 2015 12:59:51(UTC)

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I use Digita too and it is great.

Some of the larger practices I work with use IRIS. I would say that IRIS is a bit more advanced mainly in the way it tracks CGT assets slightly better than Digita and joint income splits to linked joint holder is better and simpler I would say in IRIS than Digita but then IRIS is quite a bit more expensive than Digita so you have to balance the extra cost of IRIS against any weakness in Digita.

Both have friendly professional and helpful support but I would rate Digita support slightly above IRIS support personally in my experience but both good.

Digita certainly seems to be used by a number of larger accountancy practices now whereas historically it probably had a smaller accountancy or tax practice base user.

The constant licence renewals in IRIS can get VERY annoying.

Just a few thoughts on the practice software issue...

Offline Liz  
#3 Posted : 22 August 2016 17:10:00(UTC)

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Here is my experience re tax and accounting software...

I have used Iris a lot helping other firms with their clients and used Digita in my own practice previously.

I was a Digita user for around 5 years until via QuickBooks online apps came across and have used IRIS for over 10 years too. is around £15 plus VAT per month, per user, for unlimited clients, unlimited accounts and unlimited tax returns, on a monthly rolling contract.

This is less than a 5th of what I was spending on Digita and in my experience Digita is cheaper than IRIS.

Taxfiler is "cloud" based but you can back up individual clients off-line and restore to Taxfiler if needed.

At first I thought Taxfiler could never be anywhere as good as Digita simply because of the massive price difference to pretty much all the other tax software out there.

However having used Taxfiler for a while now and think tested most aspects I actually prefer Taxfiler so for me it was a win win swapping from Digita to Taxfiler.

I also prefer as it links to QuickBooks online and Intuit (behind QuickBooks) are really good at linking up with other good software companies for app integration.

However Digita is just linking up with Xero and having used Xero quite a bit too I really don't think it is anywhere near as good as QuickBooks online so glad I changed for that reason two.

All the big successful software companies out there (Microsoft, Google and many others) are mainly swapping to monthly rolling contracts and long tie in contracts are dying out due to customer unpopularity.

It seems (as usual) that tax and accounting software companies (other than Intuit and Taxfiler) are slow on realising customers hate long tie in contracts.

Try getting out of a Digita or Iris contract mid term for example.

There is a live demo on give it a try but I have to say I was even more impressed when got into actually using Taxfiler.

Personally, having used Iris and Digita a lot, I think is easily the best tax and accounts software solution for small practitioners but would also be great for many larger accounting and tax practices as well.

I had never heard of it until QuickBooks apps pointed me to Taxfiler and can't thank QuickBooks online apps enough for having done so!!!

It is a total pleasure to use with very good online help pages although for the most part it is so easy to use help pages are not needed to get to grips with using it.

Hope that helps fellow forum users potentially save quite a bit on their tax and accounts software!


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Offline Mike  
#4 Posted : 15 January 2017 16:28:41(UTC)

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Hey Liz

I use too now and have used Digita and Iris a lot in the past ten years or so.

TaxFiler is certainly superb value for money at £18 a month per user with unlimited accounts and tax returns.

In a lot of ways I really prefer it over Digita or IRIS.

QuickBooks Online (QBO) has payroll and a host of time saving facilities such a bank import which can save a LOT of time helping clients with bookkeeping!!

You can even link QuickBooks online to Taxfiler! although I prefer to manually post the TB in TaxFiler I just like to be in control but the import works well especially if you ensure that account names in QuickBooks online match the TB posting types in TaxFiler first.

Huge time saving opportunity with QBO.

I am a QBO reseller and the support from Intuit is superb and wholesale prices mean I can offer QBO to clients at substantial discounts of the RRP.

A great way to offer a client cloud for document sharing is with DattoDrive as you are in control of users and the number of users is unlimited for around £10 a month (first year free at time of this post) and with 1TB on online storage for that price it is much easy for controlling your one real time cloud for sharing documents with client and via versa. Much better than dropbox and onedrive for a client cloud you can control yourself who the users are and what there read, view download, delete or upload permissions are on different client folders.

Most of my business is now web or cloud based now. I was a bit cautious about moving to cloud based solutions from desktop solutions at first but the combination of TaxFiler, QuickBooks Online and DattoDrive for file and document sharing with clients has enable me to be super time efficient and offer very competitively priced accounting and tax solutions for clients that they just seem to love.

Going cloud based and offering some great bookkeeping and accounts solutions for around a year (online), having for the previous 20 years been desktop based, has seem my practice double in size in just one year. Client seem to love QuickBooks online if well implemented and recommend other friends etc to me.

It has now got to the point my small practice is picking up new clients every week!

Get it right and it really pays off!

Cheers Mike
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