Tax Support UK
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About Tax

Tax Support (UK) is part of the growing online portfolio of websites and online resources published by Tax Publications.

Tax Publications Limited is a UK based company that specialises in online publishing, training and helping people develop their tax skills both online and offline.

Helping you find the tax information you are looking for online.

Why Tax Support?

Tax Publications Ltd was founded by John Cotter who has been a CTA (chartered tax adviser) for around 25 years.

The work that John is doing to promote and develop tax resources online is a collaborative exercise that is intended to be inclusive and empower tax professionals to get involved.

The web is a fantastic resource.

Tax Publications aim is to help tax professionals extract maximum value from the web.

Whether it's support, training or helping you promote your tax practice online we are here to help.

One of our central goals on both the Tax Support website and within Tax Publications Limited generally is to create and build highly cost effective online tax resources.

Making the most of the latest technology to help you develop your tax skills and your tax career or tax practice online.


About Us is a website published by Tax Publications Limited.

The central aim of Tax Support is to provide an online support portal for tax professionals and others in the field of tax. is targeted mainly at the UK and tax professionals within the UK.

Founded by John Cotter who has been a CTA (Chartered Tax Advisor) and member of the ATT (Association of Tax Technicians for over 20 years.